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Levi Van De Maar noted industrialist and self-made billionaire has died, leaving friends and relatives to circle like sharks for their piece of the empire. When a stack of his memoirs are discovered with instructions they be published, his cold-blooded widow, the family black sheep, an out-of-luck publisher and an uninspired illustrator all vie for their shot at legacy.

The Van De Maar Papers is a story of family, reputation, and ambition. Bonds are formed, plans are hatched, empires rise and fall all over a dead manatees gift to the world: a thousand handwritten pages of surreal, hard-core erotica.


Images by Clare Hawley

Writer: Alexander Lee-Rekers

Director: Camilla Turnball

Producers: Ratcatch Theatre (Camilla Turnball & Alexander Lee-Rekers)

Cast (Main): Melissa Hume, Jessie Lancaster, Tom Matthews, Lucy Miller, Nathalie Murray, Sophie Strykowsi, Simon Thomson

Production Designer: Damien Egan
Lighting Designer: Sophie Pekbilmli 
Composer, Sound Designer: Alexander Lee-Rekers 

Stage Manager: Christopher Starnawski 

Technical Operator: Jana Vass

In partnership with the Old 505 Theatre

Van De Maar Papers
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