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The Linden Solution tells the story of civil servant Hannah Marr, whose beloved hometown is suffering from stagnation, drought, boomer corruption and millennial apathy. Using her unique position of power, Hannah conspires to cure society's ills with a bold political experiment: a series of neo-fascist policies designed to make Linden great again. Tensions escalate and consequences mount as Hannah realises how little control she actually has... and how easily the quiet Australians of Linden take to a sanitised form of hate.

Part TED-talk, part confession, The Linden Solution is a reality-blurring piece of theatre that unfolds against the backdrop of our own backyard. Presented by up-and-coming indie darling Ratcatch, this latest collaboration from Lee-Rekers and Turnbull is a captivating and unflinching look into politics, propaganda and extremism in contemporary Australia. The Linden Solution is "Our Town" for the alt-right era: a provocative new entry into the Australian theatrical canon. 

Images by Clare Hawley

Writer: Alexander Lee-Rekers

Director: Camilla Turnball

Producers: Ratcatch Theatre (Camilla Turnball & Alexander Lee-Rekers)

Cast (Main): Laura Djanegara, Mason Phoumirath, Patrick Cullen, Lib Campbell


Assistant Director: Margaret Thanos
Production Designer: Tess Burg
Lighting Designer: Sophie Pekbilimli
Composer, Sound Designer:
Chrysoulla Markoulli

AV Designers: Cameron Smith & Greg Jones
Stage Manager: Jana Vass

In partnership with bAKEHOUSE Theatre & Kings Cross Theatre. 

Winner for 2021 BroadwayWorld Sydney Awards

  • Best Performer in a Play (Laura Djanegara)

Nominated for 2021 BroadwayWorld Sydney Awards

  • Best Play (Alexander Lee-Rekers)

  • Best Direction of a Play (Camilla Turnball)

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