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“Eyebrows up and in.
Lower lid contracted.
Upper lid raised.
Lip corners pulled sideways.
What is it?”



In a spotless room, four people are having tea.

Duncan and Marlow are scientists. Rachel and Wells are their subjects, and they can almost pass for human now…

But Wells is growing stronger and Rachel is learning faster than predicted, and Duncan and Marlow’s hold on them – and on power – is proving more fragile than expected. Tensions are rising, tempers are fraying, and somewhere in the darkness, tenderness blossoms, and a carefully controlled experiment begins to twist into something far stranger, and far more obscure…

Brutal, bold and gripping, Extinction of the Learned Response asks what really makes us human. Can it be taught, replicated, removed? And once you take humanity away, what’s hiding underneath?

Images by Jasmin Simmons.

Writer: Emme Hoy

Director: Carissa Licciardello

Producer: Michelle Sverdloff

Cast (Main): Tel Benjamin, Sarah Meacham, Eddie Orton, Jennifer Rani

Production Designer: Ella Butler
Lighting Designer: Kelsey Lee
Composer, Sound Designer: Ben Pierpoint

Stage Manager: Bronte Schuftan
Production Manager & Assistant Stage Manager: Jana Vass

In partnership with the Belvoir Street Theatre's 25A Program

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