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Nightmarish and inhuman...

A twisted shadow of a tree looming behind; echoing grief’s manifest.

Abigail has awoken to find herself stuck in the In Between. Grieving at the loss of her sister and stranded in a surreal world, She encounters inhabitants from the In Between who guide and test her… The powerful nature of the subconscious will test and bend her limits.


What will it take to finally let go?

Images by Breanna Davey

Writer: Kiara Martin

Director: Alexandra Moon

Producer: Jana Vass

Cast (Main): Natesha Ham, Emma Van Veen, Cassie Miller, Hollie Rotherham, Max Wilson

Costume Designer: Kiara Martin 

Set Designer: Hollie Rotherham
Lighting Designer: Jack Thompson

AV Designer: Beth Fragar
Sound Designer: Ellie Wilson

Stage Manager: Taylor Dawson

Assistant Stage Manager: Max Wilson

Proudly took part in the Salon Program with Arts on Tour, with ArtState 2018 and Regional Arts NSW.

In Between
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