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Set in regional Australia, Angus Thompson is a 20 year with cerebral palsy who parties his way through life, assisted by his hopeless carer, Erika.

From the 20 sketch comedy teams selected as Fresh Blood's Class of 2017, the four projects are BE YOUR OWN BOSS created by Becky Lucas and Cameron James; animation KOALA MAN created by Michael Cusack; THE ANGUS PROJECT created by Nina Oyama and Angus Thompson; and WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS created by Naomi Higgins, Mark Samual Bonanno and Humyara Mahbub.

Writers/Creators: Nina Oyama & Angus Thompson

Director: Nina Oyama

1st AD: Craig Anderson

Cast & Crew: Angus Thompson, Nina Oyama, Alessandro Zotti, Shane Addison, Toby Farrington, Robert De Navi, Andrew Little, Jessica Murphy, Gareth Thomson, Holly Doust-Robinson, Bella Sim, Andrew Wallace, Heidi AndAnd, Sofie Fitzgerald, Brigette Honeyman, Dr Kate Elizabeth Smith,  Jacob Stone, Brittany Myers, Jana Vass, Kiara Martin, Shelby Maree-Vooles and more. 

Premiered and selected as part of ABC and Screen Australia's Fresh Blood program. 


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