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EZ and his gang of bullies have created a fake social media account to inflict torment and misery on their fellow Middle Schoolers. The account’s name, ‘April Aardvark’, echoes through the halls with fear and confusion. The gang is smugly satisfied with the results, until the day April Aardvark shows up for class. She is the living, breathing manifestation of the account—a mean, obscene, insult machine. The gang tries its hardest to win her over, but April has no need for friends, nor does she care who she targets.

To everyone’s horror, she is the greatest bully that ever lived.


Images by Tracey Schramm

Writer: Nathaniel Moncrieff

Director: Amy Hardingham

Dramaturg: Jane FitzGerald

Cast (Main): Olivia Everingham, Marley Kirkbank-Ellis, Harper Lynch, Miles Pike, Tobias Purcell, Jasper Reucassel, Carmen Rolfe, Lily Sauran, Lucinda Slattery, Eva Sutherland, Jasper Whittet, Alani Winn


Assistant Director: Heather Campbell
Production Designer: Stephanie Howe
Lighting Designer: Kelsey Lee

Sound Designer Mentor: Steve Francis
Composer, Sound Designer: Daniel Duque

Production Manager: Sorie Bangura
Stage Manager: Jana Vass

Assistant Production Manager: Jodi Rabinowitz

Assistant Stage Manager: Jamie Bebb

Proud partner with Artology. Supported by the ATYP Foundation Commissions & ARA Endowment Fund. 

April Aardvark
April Aardvark
April Aardvark
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